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Hidden defects lawyer for house defects in the Netherlands

Hidden flaws lawyers and sollicitors by sale or purchase of a house

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If you are faced with hidden defects in connection with the purchase or sale of a house, the interests are often high. A defect can entail high repair costs. Think of the tens of thousands of euros involved in the remediation of asbestos and contaminated soil, or the restoration of the foundation. It is then good to know what your legal position is. Are you liable? Can you recover the costs?

Determine liability

It is often not easy to determine liability in a case of hidden defects. The law only provides a few general rules, from which the parties (buyer and seller) may also deviate in the purchase agreement.
In addition, every individual situation is different. For example, the liability can depend on the age of the house, the statements of brokers, the details of the purchase contract and the questionnaire completed, the seriousness of the defect, the possibility of discovering the defect before the purchase, etc, etc.
In short, there are many factors that affect liability for hidden defects. Help from a legal specialist is often necessary.

Lawyer hidden defects

You already have a lot on your mind when buying or selling a house. You cannot be expected to be a legal specialist in hidden defect cases yourself. Fortunately, there are lawyers and lawyers who specialize in this subject. The lawyers and jurists of our website hidden have been specializing in issues of hidden defects for more than 20 years. Our website is the number 1 website in the Netherlands in this area.

How can our lawyers help you?

Prevention is better than cure. Under that motto, it is wise to ask us for advice before the sale or sale about the content of the purchase contract and about the obligation to investigate and the obligation to notify. In consultation with you, we can draw up contracts or contract clauses that are as favorable as possible for you in the event of hidden defects.

In case of any dispute. If there is a dispute with your buyer or seller, we can do the following for you:

- Review the case with you
- advise you on your legal position;
- Advise you on the steps to be taken
- Write to your counterparty and, if necessary, continue to correspond
- Negotiate with your counterparty
- Representing your interests in court

Why help from our specialists for hidden defects?

Your interests in a hidden defect case are great. You must therefore be properly helped. A lawyer who does not specialize in hidden defect cases may not get the best result for you. He may even make a 'costly miss'. The attorneys and lawyers of our organization have handled many thousands of hidden defect cases and are true specialists in this field. We are aware of the jurisprudence and regulations and know how to apply them. Thanks to our specialist knowledge, we can also help you quickly and we do not have to invest unnecessary time and costs in studying case law. This also makes us affordable!

We help private buyers, sellers and provide legal assistance to entrepreneurs!

Request legal assistance from our specialists

If you are dealing with a hidden defect case, do not hesitate to contact us. With our hidden defects lawyers you are in a strong position and you get the maximum result. Call 020 – 6890 863 or email.

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